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Construction Services:


Establish Goals and Priorities. Communicate with the owner regarding timelines of starting and finishing their project. Set milestone dates and duration to insure timely completion. Develop an overall management plan of action through discussions with the building team and prioritize the projects. Implement a Critical Path Schedule to insure critical timelines.

Prepare initial budget numbers during the design phase and update construction cost when plans are 50% complete and 90% complete to insure project is in budget. Work with the Architect and Engineer on constructability issues during the design phase and develop subcontractor input and familiarity with the project.  Establish and prepare agendas for pre-bid meetings, receive competitive sealed proposals for various subcontractor items, review scope of work, determine our recommendation for the “best value”.

During Construction:

Mobilize on site: Setup job trailer, install temporary fence, implement Storm Water Prevention Plan, and provide temporary facilities for all subcontractors and work force. Review and determine areas for construction staging activities and parking. Determine need for specific job safety requirements and security.

Coordinate with all trades; start dates, durations, and deliveries. Monitor and review all product data and shop drawings and issue to architect for approval. Conduct weekly safety and progress meeting with subcontractors. Monitor all pay applications and billings from vendors.Establish a meeting time with the Building Team members monthly. This Owner, Architect and Contractor Meeting will provide overall project schedule updates, financial status, and construction activities.

Our experienced field and management staff will inspect the day to day operations. When required, an independent testing agency will be employed for specific tasks. All job site safety will be monitored by our supervisory team which are OSHA trained.


Wm. Taylor & Co will follow-up with all Testing and Balancing agencies that all mechanical equipment is functioning properly and will assist the owner’s personnel and operating personnel with all equipment operating and maintenance procedures.  At the end the project, Wm. Taylor & Co will provide the owner with copies of as-built drawings and Operation and Maintenance Manuals for their use.  During the warranty period, Wm. Taylor & Co will assist the owner with any and all warranty issues that may arise. Copies of all warranties will be provided to the Owner.

Delivery Methods of Construction:

General Construction Options:

As a general contractor, we have worked with Owners who have their own construction management team in place and need for us to handle the day to day details of their building. Having developed close relationships with many clients over the years, some prefer to have their projects built on a cost plus a fee basis, believing they gain the maximum advantage of our efficiency in design and construction. This method also offers the greatest potential for savings in overall construction costs.

Often an Owner already has plans for his project and wants a Fixed Price General Contract. After drawings and specifications are received, we take competitive bids on all phases of construction. Our excellent relationship with many subcontractors and thorough knowledge of pricing assures an efficient bid. We then establish a "fixed price", or a guaranteed maximum price for the project. Upon request, we provide performance and payment bonds to ensure completion.

Construction Management Options:

Under a Construction Management at Risk approach to a building project, our professional expertise in estimating, systems analysis, value engineering, "constructability" review, scheduling, procurement, and construction coordination and supervision are added to the capabilities of the traditional project team of owner and architect.

The Construction Management at Risk project delivery method allows us to work closely with the Owner and Architect from initial design.  We can effectively create a budget and guarantee a maximum price early in the project. Upon request, we provide performance and payment bonds to insure completion. Any cost savings realized from completing the project below the guaranteed maximum price may be returned to the owner.


Since 1954, Wm. Taylor & Co. has had a strong commitment to excellence in job site safety. Our Safety Record can be considered “Best in Class” for light commercial General Contractors. Our Workman's Compensation Modifier average over the last five years has been 0.83 which exceeds most general construction firms.

The Texas Building Branch – Associated General Contractors “Recognition for Excellence in Safety Programs” has been awarded to Wm. Taylor & Co. over the following years: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 & 1999.

Wm. Taylor and Co. Written Safety and Drug Abuse Prevention Policy are available to all interested parties upon request.

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